Welcome to the brand new Gumtree!


We’ve been listening to your feedback, and have worked for months to make your Gumtree experience an even better one.

So here are what we have improved so far…

Better Ad Supports


For sellers, you can now see how attractive your ad is by checking the score from Gumtree’s Ad Quality Checker; simply follow our suggestions and enhance your ad for a better chance to get your item sold…easier and faster.

Better look on any devices


Mobile phones and tablets have become inseparable to our daily lives, so we are on a mission to make Gumtree looks better on any devices you are using. Our tech team has spent months to make our Gumtree to look consistent and fit to any screens. For example, our website will change its size automatically depending on your screen size – so whether you’re browsing from a smartphone, a tablet, a 16-inch computer screen or a 60-inch wide-screen TV – it’ll always look fit and comfortable to the eye!

Better Message Replies


Our tech team has also made it easier for you to communicate with your buyers or sellers on Gumtree! You can now reply to an Ad with just one-click on the Reply Shortcut  as well as selecting some pre-set reply messages to save your typing time. These improvements will never let you miss a message even on-the-go with the Message Alert icon on your Gumtree Homepage.

So, what do you think of these improved features?

We’d love to hear from you, your opinion means a lot to us! Just drop us your comment here and tell us what you think!

Now, we will continue to roll up our sleeves and make Gumtree a better place for you and the community.


With love,

The Gumtree Team

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